Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Little Cowboy

This is Our Cowboy! (Notice the his hat and how deformed it is, he plays hard)
1. He starts out with a nod

2. Then he rides for his 8 seconds

3. He dismounts - Just like the Cowboys on PBR (he practiced this specific move for weeks)

He gives a "thumbs up"

My son believes he's a cowboy, a bull riding cowboy that is. Every thing he does is centered around his cowboy hat, his bull and PBR. He has this rocking snail that he pretends is his bull and he rides it morning, noon and night (note: he also has a rocking horse but never pretends that is his bull). If you really look close at the snail (and you've had a long day at work) and THINK bull, you too can see what he does; a RANK two-ton bull just waiting to give some cowboy a try at his eight seconds. Many nights we find our living room turned into his arena, with one of us counting to eight and the other cheering him on! It's quite amusing and he's good. He has his ritual of getting on the bull, then counts to three, nods that he's ready and then he starts rocking back and forth with such force and animation. We can't wait to get him on some sheep for a little mutt-n-bustin!

Cowboy Up Landon!

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heather said...

My nephew is the future High School Rodeo Champ... Then he'll be the PBR World Champion.............