Monday, June 16, 2008


Check this new artist out-now!!! The art is groovy and makes you want to dawn your white go-go boots and dance to groovy music.

The artist is our dear friend, Mark. He's awesome, one of the few friends (hahah, the ONLY) of Danny's I can actually call my own friend. Someone I would totally be friends with if Danny and I were never a happily married couple with friends, he's cool but better than his "too cute, for words wife," Erin. I love her but this post isn't about's about ART.

Mark's art if very unique and "URBAN," at least I think so but since I know nothing about art, who really knows what kind it is, who cares really, because all that matters is that the art is truly reflective of the artist and I like it and I want you all to like it!

My favorite piece is
Naglee. I want to hang this piece in my dining room not because it matches my decor, NO, no! Imagine the dinner conversation this could strike up.

Go check it out!! I promise it will bring you euphoric a good way of course!

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