Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Sucker for Vans Shoes

This past weekend a lunch date with friends took us to the mall, the mall with my son and husbands favorite shoe store, the Vans store (yes, my son is a vans wearing cowboy). Danny found many things he wanted to sink his wallet into but like a good Daddy, he opted for a nice pair of shoes for our growing boy. Since the birth of our little whipper snapper we have put him in VANS; little soft baby VANS and then as he grew big boy VANS. It’s safe to say his signature shoe is VANS, just like his Daddy. Landon was very in-tune to this shoe shopping adventure; he helped pick out his shoe (of course with his Mommy’s help!!) and sat patiently while the gal (hahahah, that’s what old ladies like me, call younger girls…….gals) found his size. Danny helped with the trying-on of the different sized shoes and after a couple shoes we found the perfect fit. Boy, oh boy is our boy’s foot growing. Sorry, excuse me for a brief second while I PINE (and dab up the tears) over how quick my baby is growing up! He is not a baby anymore! He’s a big boy who wears cute VANS shoes and who doesn’t posses the need for a binky anymore, YES people, he ditched the binky this past weekend and hasn’t asked for it once. Big Boy he is and how intelligent is he to just up and quit cold turkey.

Ok, back to the shoes. They are cute, he wore them out of the store and was happy to show them off to our friends at lunch. They are cool shoes, I can remember the “cool” cute skater boys wore these shoes (Old skool) in college and I secretly wanted to date them because they wore these adorable shoes (hmmmm, I wonder if the little GALS in Landon’s class secretly want to date him because his cute shoes? Hahahahahah) but didn’t because the whole fantasy of wanting to date a guy who wore these cool shoes was far more fulfilling to me then actually dating the Dude, hahaha! I am a dork, YES but that’s the whole reason I agreed to date my husband, he wore cool VANS, Ooh and he wore his hat backwards. Those two things combined made my toes curl and made me want to bare his children, SERIOUS!

Ok, Ok back to the topic at hand, Landon’s signature shoes, the same shoes he has carried around or worn for the past three days. The shoes he scuffed up while playing outside yesterday (which I scrubbed clean cuz dirty shoes and me don’t get along), the shoes he asks for as soon as he wakes up, the shoes he wanted to wear today but didn’t because his super anal shoe loving MOTHER was brain washed to believe that you should NEVER wear the same shoe as the day before shoe. The weirdness of which he comes from??? Poor Boy!

I think it’s safe to say he loves his shoes and has a larger collection of shoes than my husband and I put together…………LUCKY Boy!

P.S. While at the mall and entering the elevator a kind gentleman whispered a term of endearment (a b*t*h) to me for no reason other than to be a BIG PHAT JERK! It saddens me that people like him exist and worse have babies that will grow up and learn to call people ugly names, like their big fat, too cool for words DAD!

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Sister your a sucker for any shoes......hahahaha.......