Saturday, June 7, 2008

Renata Designs - My Favorite Local Artist

One cold fall morning I was sleepily standing in line at my Starbucks and I saw this Beautiful Painting displayed on the wall along with a couple other eye popping masterpieces. The painting instantly caught my eye and I envisioned it hanging in my dining room, I wanted this baby! The longer I waited for my latte the longer I became mesmerized by the painting and it began to call-out to me. I noticed a pile of business cards and I grabbed one, promising myself I would look-up this artist at my earliest convenience. A couple hours later, after a few dirty diapers and a couple feedings I finally got the opportunity to look-up the website and I was pleased, every painting is unique and absolutely gorgeous. I want them all, no lie, every single one!!!

For weeks I pined and dreamt about having Guilded Tiger Lilies for myself and I selfishly considered selling my child for it but then for some odd reason Danny didn’t agree, Urgh!!! Don’t you hate when they do that? Very, very unfortunate almost tragic that this beautiful, almost majestic painting could not come home with me.

I am not an “artsy” person by any means but when I find something that catches my eye and touches my soul, I really would like to think that somewhere down deep in the depths of my loins that I am “artsy” and have a love for art.

Go check out the
website and fill your house with all her goodness, like I plan on doing in the near, near future. Hurry, don't be foolish!

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