Monday, June 23, 2008


We just returned from four wonderful days of camping under the stars (not really cuz we sleep in a trailer), boating and just relaxing in the sun. We went camping with our camping buddies (Auntie Adri and Uncle Brent) and like always had a great time. I don’t know why I find camping so relaxing because it’s not like I get to lounge in a chair all day, sip pretty adult libations from a straw and read a great book, NO, no, no……camping for me means endless hours of preparing lunch, then dinner and let’s not forget chasing after the feisty two-year old who enjoys running off, eating nature and trying to drown himself in the lake!!! Then there’s the very spoiled DOG who sadly has to stay on a run (although we have been guilty of breaking park rules from time to time for our big cuddly pooch) the whole trip and then since he’s not a water dog and doesn’t like the boat, he has to stay behind in the (air conditioned) trailer most of the day. I feel extremely guilty and stress about the dog and if he's having a good time.

SIGH………it’s hard work but for some odd reason I find it relaxing and enjoyable.

This weeks SONG OF THE WEEK is actually going to be an artist, Tom Petty. I LOVE Tom and I don’t know why but we always indulge in a lot of Tom while camping. There’s just something about nature and Tom that go very well together!

My Favorite Tom Petty songs are: Refugee, Here Comes My Girl and Mary Jane’s Last Dance – I love it.

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