Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

A couple weeks ago my precious child started throwing raging temper tantrums (he’s also become a whiner but we are not going to discuss that today). At first it was one, maybe two a day but now it seems like he throws them morning, noon and night. We can’t figure out why or where these temper tantrums are coming from but he throws them for any little-ol’ thing.

While camping he threw at least one every hour, I-kid-you-not, it drives me bananas. We have tried every trick, coercion known to man but this kid doesn’t budge. He is far to smart and stubborn to give in so easily to our desperate pleads. Could it be terrible-two’s (I guess they don’t call them terrible for nothing)? Perhaps he’s acting out because we abandon (he still cries every morning) him at daycare every day? Maybe, just maybe, our child is an attention seeking monster who would like nothing more than to suck every last drop of our attention up, HAH, I think I am onto something, here!!!

I have spoke to a few friends and they say it’s a phase………hahahha………a phase!!! I am sure one of many we will experience with this precious child but god-ol’ mighty it’s an ugly disturbing phase that makes me want to put my head in the dinner dish water and DROWN!!! (not really, but do you feel my strong dislike? hahaha).

I have a rotten cousin who NEVER really evolved from the terrible-two phase. Last time I saw him, he was still having temper tantrums (19 years old), now, how sad is that? SAD, I don’t want that future for my child so in an effort to stop the tantrums we have been experimental parenting, which means we have been trying different methods to stop or diffuse the chaotic tantrums that have invaded our peaceful home.

Some of the things we have tried are as follows:

1. Just walk-away (of course after ensuring he is not going to cause bodily harm to himself, toys or the dog) – This seems to work best because when we fuel the fire (pardon this pun), we get burned very bad or at least I do.

2. We try and keep him busy so he doesn’t have time or the desire to spaz out on us – This actually proves to be harder than you would think because this means nothing else gets done because you are so busy trying to keep him busy.

3. We have tried TIME-OUT and this clearly does not work, it only makes him more furious, which in-turn makes him incapable of sitting in one place for a period of time. When not throwing tantrums, time-out if very effective on him.

4. Don’t laugh……….SINGING “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to him. The other day he was in full tantrum mode about something (I can't even recall at this time) and I was at wits-end so I scooped him up, held him tightly and started singing to him quietly in my angelic-like voice – The tantrum ceased in seconds of me whispering the song that I sang to him from day one of his little life.

And lastly…………….

5. Talking in a rationale, calm manner to him - This never works for me as I do not possess the patience of talking a two-year old out of a tantrum. This works for Danny more often than not and I think it’s because “it’s a guy thing” I’ve tried this believe me but I get too frustrated and just want to throw my own tantrum, and well I don't think that would be setting a great example for the BOY.

Mommies, Gals, Friends and Family - What is your favorite way to handle temper tantrums?

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