Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

The past two days have been rather hectic for me, as work has been busy (and crazy and horrible - be happy you have a J-O-B) and we are trying to get ready for another camping trip and since I am the worlds biggest-worst procrastinator. I painfully wait until the last second to accomplish all my tasks. It's tragic and causes much unnecessary chaos at my house. I am ashamed but I've been this way since birth and there is really no helping me!! I feel like I work better under pressure and at the last minute.

Last year during one of our big trips to California I thought I would amuse my husband and pack a couple days ahead of our departure date, WHY you ask? Because I wanted to be stress free and have more time to do trivial things like; pick my toes, wax down under, bake a dozen cookies, weed, clean our drawers; you know the important stuff. Well..........after we arrived and started our joyous SoCal vacation, I quickly realized that I had forgotten to pack so many things. Things I would have NEVER forgotten to pack had I packed an hour before leaving for the airport! Right then and there I promised myself that I would never try and cure my procrastination, NEVER!!!

So as I was running around the house like a mad woman, hyped up on Starbucks last night, I asked myself WHY? and then I remember, my SoCal trip and how I forgot my life, and I happily go about my madness. I am happy to report that I accomplished many of my task's last night and only have a couple things to do today, which I plan on doing minutes before our departure, haha!!!

This camping trip should be a blast as we are going with a large group of friends, our Brazilian crew, many of them camping for the first or second time and since I am such an experienced veteran at this whole camping thing (yea-right), it will be amusing watching the newbies camp and it will probably be more amusing to them watching me have a heart attack as my son tries to swim the lake. I convinced my Hubs to bring the video camera so I hope to get some great footage to share with ya'll.

Happy 4th of July - God Bless America.

Rocker Mom.

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