Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What is music to you?

It’s well known in these parts that music is a part of our daily lives. We love all kinds of music, love going to concerts (would love to learn how to play the drums and guitar if I had time but I don’t so I am a big loser) and so our little boy LOVES music. He went to his first concert (Vans Warped Tour) as a mere fertilized egg in my womb (didn’t even now I was prego) and then went to several other “rock” shows in my growing BELLY. My boys favorite instrument is his guitar and when he’s not riding his bull, building with his blocks (throwing a temper tantrum, hahhaha) or reading; he is playing his guitar. He plays along to CMT/GAC and the MP3 player – He’s a rocker fo-sure!!!

Much to my surprise, the other day he started singing songs and he loves singing Rodney Atkins and Taylor Swift, pretty much anything country music - his favorite. Although, the other day while driving to our favorite Mexican restaurant the song “Shadow of the Day” by Linkin Park came on the radio and would you believe me if I told you that my little-future Nashville Star started singing the song!! I was so excited, I almost wreaked the car, (not really – I wasn’t driving) I was so taken aback by his coolness. It was absolutely adorable and music to my ears because 1.) my boy is now singing songs, which means we can sing together all the time (even in restaurants – which drives Daddy NUTSO) and 2.) singing one of my favorite songs by one of my most treasured bands, LINKIN PARK. Can life get any better than this? No, I think NOT.

My child is a-little-bitty ROCKER BOY and I love it because as he grows and enters into that phase of thinking we are horrible lame-tards and us thinking he’s a crazy teen, at least we will always have a love for music in common and maybe, just maybe he will think we are a little cooler than lame-tards (I like that word.....laaaaammmmeeee-taaarrrds).

Music is the bridge that combines generations. Music is the key for world peace. Music is the reason I met and fell in love with my husband and although I would like to say that music is the reason my son was conceived, it’s not, he was conceived in a hotel room in the middle of the forest after a great game of DRINK STRONG, a Fourth of July tradition – OH NO – The Fourth is fast approaching!!!!!!!!!!!

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