Saturday, August 9, 2008

Borderline Sexy Pajamas

Last Night, while changing into my PJ's the LOVE of my life (my husband) walked in and decided to change into his PJ's too!! Nightly occurrence, nothing out of the ordinary or exciting about this!!!

I grabbed a pair of my favorite PJ bottoms, slipped them on (Husband enters) and began looking for a tank top to wear with my favorite PJ pants.

"I always forget these pants have a matching top!" I said grabbing the matching tank.

"Those pants have a matching shirt?" Danny asked, stunned, shocked that I possessed a matching set of PJ's.

"DUH!!!" I said as I slipped on the tank top. I looked at myself in the mirror, sighed.......I hate matching PJ's I thought to myself.

"That looks nice!" Danny told me with a slight twinkle in his eye.

"I can't wear this tank top, it's constricting and it's BORDERLINE SEXY! I don't wear sexy PJ's!!" I confessed ripping off my PJ's. Urgh!

Danny busted into hysterics that carried on for most of the night and I settled for a t-shirt (which I cut off the sleeves and made it into a v-neck) and ugly mesh sport shorts (the horror).

I don't know why I have a phobia of sexy pj's but I do. I am so guilty for wearing ugly, un-matching pajamas, it's a sad fate. All the girls in my family wear ugly pajamas and I don't know why, because my Granny (my Mom/Aunt's Mommy) has a closet full of beautiful silk nighties with matching robes that she wears nightly. In the winter time she wears beautiful silky pant sets (again with matching robes and slippers) it's beautiful, pretty and I am certain my Grandpa appreciated the pretty pajamas (for pete-sake I appreciate the pretty pj's).

My poor, poor husband.

What do you wear at night? Do you dawn your best worn-out, ugly pajamas, nightly? OR are you one of those ladies who puts on pretty matching pajamas?


Heather said...

I'll have to admit most of the time I just wear an ugly t-shirt (it may be so old it has holes in it, drives my husband crazy) with some PJ bottoms that don't match. But occasionally you'll find me in PJs that match, they are far from sexy though.

Jennifer said...

I'm an ugly PJ girl through and through. Which would be somewhat surprising if you looked at the rest of my wardrobe. I guess I spend all day trying hard hard to look cute, that at night, I just want to totally grunge out. THankfully my hubby thinks I'm adorable in anything.

The only time I do match is at Christmas. Apparently I make exceptions for Santas and snowmen!

Michelle said...

You Girls Rock - I love ugly pajamas.

Michelle said...

Love pj bottoms and comfy t-shirts. I am not a sexy pj kind of girl, although my husband would like me to be!

Just thought i'd pop over and say hello! Have a great day.


Tammy's Blog said...

usually one of his tshirts and old lady underwear....very sexy

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