Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Rants from a Crazy Woman.........ME

I despise dog owners who do not pick up their doggie doo at the dog park. The other day I watched numerous people abandon their doggie doo, oblivious!! Cody Boy is large and subsequently has large doggie doo. Do I leave it for another to see, step in, fall upon? NO, I happily scoop it up and put it in the trash! The dog park we go to has signs all over asking people to pick up after their dogs and has baggies along the trail for pete-sake! What more does one need? Dirty, filthy pigs. I guess you can call this a pet-peeve of mine. Gross!

Yesterday morning I dropped Landon off to total chaos in his class room. His regular teacher has been on vacation this past week and the class room has not been the same. The kids are running wild and the substitute teacher is LOST. As some of you know from previous posts, LD is very dramatic in the mornings and gives me a hard time almost every morning. I usually have to hang around for awhile and promise him the world if he doesn’t cry. There is no dropping off and running out the door for me! Anyway………I was hanging out with LD and watching two kids ravaging through one of their backpacks that was full of lollipops, WHAT? They started opening them and well I couldn’t help myself…………I tattled on them. The Teacher was oblivious and well I didn’t think they should be running around with lollipops. Thank goodness the regular teacher has returned!!! I almost hugged her when I saw her this morning.

We have this rotational program at work, where new aspiring graduates are selected to do rotations thru various departments of HR. It’s always so amusing to me that these graduates come into the office thinking they own the place, thinking they are the smartest most talented person around. After a few weeks they usually find their place in the office pecking order and settle down. I usually become great buddies with them. They are young hip (they all want to babysit Landon) and usually very nice. The last one we had was awesome and I loved her. Unfortunately, the couple we have right now (one in particular) is (let’s just say) less than pleasant. I wish she would just hurry up and end her rotation, already. Go away – go back where you came from.

Confession: In an effort to save a couple dollars I got a cheap haircut – I know it’s tragic and wrong in so many ways but my husband just doesn’t understand why a hair cut needs to cost $60 bucks (because his cost $8.00) and since I am tired of hearing him complain about the cost I broke down and got a cheap hair cut (just this once) from an unknown hairdresser. She did an alright job but I can defiantly tell the difference! I feel so guilty that I allowed someone else to cut my hair. If my hairdresser knew, she would hate me forever……..not really but that’s what I tell myself.

Most of the time in the morning I wake up, make a pot of coffee and then go get myself and LD ready. After I am ready and rushing out the door I grab my coffee mug, fill it up with coffee (I can taste the fresh brewed coffee on my lips) and open the refrigerator for a little creamer. Most of the time my favorite creamer (French Vanilla) is sitting there but this week it’s all gone and this makes me more than a little upset!!! I usually throw a little hissy fit, jump up and down, frail about and then dump out my coffee (trying to make a dramatic statement) and then run to STARBUCKS!!!

From the above rants do you get the feeling I am a little spoiled and act like a big baby at times? Hahahahhahahahah. “I AM A GOOD-GIRL, I AM!”

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Liz said...

Running with lollipops!? That gives me cold chills. Yikes.

Ahh.. cheap haircuts and cheap jeans... I hate them both. But sometimes we just have to do it to 'get through' until we can afford the good stuff.