Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Magical Place - Part Two

The leaves are beginning to change that beautiful fall color! Exciting.

This is the beautiful lake in the Magical Place (sigh), I really love this town. It's my favorite place on earth, which is kinda funny because it's just a little town in the woods, but I love it!!

Some pretty flowers we passed by! Gorgeous. I wish I could get my garden to produce beauties like this! It must be the high mountain soil!

A little river runs through the Magical Place and in various spots of the river you can find pretty statues like this one, this is my favorite. Landon likes this statue too, why? cuz it's a cowboy!

Another fun place is this very old hotel. It's creepy and is said to be haunted. It was in a movie! Anyone know which one?

Creepy Hotel. There's Hubs, admiring the hotel and watching the guy set up for a wedding. There were THREE weddings that day. I guess it was a good weekend to get married! We thought so last year :)

More pictures to share!


Liz said...

YES! I LOVE the Stanley. Wish I could stay there.

What a stunning town, I'll be right over. :)

Karrie and Chrysti said...

Isn't Colorado great?! Thanks for coming by BOOB CAMP and I wish you luck with your scrapbooking as well...