Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Landons Signature Move

As a “whittle” infant rolling and crawling around the house we taught Landon how to blow kisses. Much to our surprise he picked up on it very quickly and has been blowing bye-bye kisses for quite some time now. It’s cute and it melts my heart every time I pull out of the drive-way and I see his little head in the window blowing kisses and waving goodbye. Soooo cute!

As of late, Landon feels that everyone deserves a “blowing bye-bye kiss;” his teacher, friends at school, neighbors, the gardener, the bulls on TV. and new friends he meets at the park, very sweet of him don’t-cha think? Yes! He’s also improved his “blowing bye-bye kiss” to both hands and a huge smile! Its classic, his signature move and I love it. It’s so cute and a true testimony to just how sweet, innocent and non-judgmental our children are.

Last night at the park Landon started playing with an older little boy, they were playing chase and running all over the play structure have a great time. When it was time to go we told Landon to say “bye” to his new friend and because Landon loves everyone and believes everyone deserves a “blowing bye-bye kiss,” he did just that and the little boy said:

“Bye!” and then he looked up at Danny, “kisses make me fall in love!”

Do kisses make you fall in love? They sure make me!

We chuckled as we walked back home and Danny tried to explain to Landon that maybe he should save his kisses for “Mommy, Daddy and the Family,” but as we walked I “hushed” him and told him to just let him be. He’s expressing himself and the love he has for people and one day he will grow out of his “blowing bye-bye kisses” and if he’s still doing it at 18, well then we might need to have a “talk” with him, but for now just let him be.

I think we should all start a “Blowing Bye-Bye Kiss” revolution. Next, time that jerk in the fancy sports car cuts you off, blow him a bye-bye kiss! Oh-the joy and fulfillment you would get from the look on his face, priceless!! The world would be a better place with the “blowing bye-bye kiss!”


Liz said...

How precious! Who doesnt love a 'bye bye kiss' from a little boy that cute?

Mommy Heather said...

Too cute! I can't wait to see you guys and have Landon blow me a bye-bye kiss.

The Cole Mine said...

So sweet!!

My little 13 month old guy just learned to blow kisses. It makes me melt!

Heather said...

Aww, too cute! What a charmer...

Weeksie50 said...

Oh what a cute little boy..
and one that blows sweet make you fall in love kisses.. How cute..