Monday, November 24, 2008

We Love Us Some Pig Skin

Don't be alarmed by the scary logo above, I am in no way a Raider fan, do you hear that? NO WAY! BUT, I have a dirty little secret, please don't judge me for what I am about to confess - just don't do it because you are my friend and friends don't judge, right?

Are you ready? You better sit down.

I live with two Raider fans, YIKES - Don't hate me!!!

HUBS and Landon! HUBS has been a die-hard Raider fan since birth and somehow he's wickedly turned my baby against me and now, my precious little boy thinks he's a Raider fan (Waaider if you speak Landon). One who owns a jersey and wants a helmet - Disturbing!!!!

When Landon was a baby, HUBS family showered him with RAIDER paraphernalia. I had Raider socks, onesies and jersey's coming out my laundry shoot! I tolerated it because I was still in "New-Mom Euphoria" and everything was cute, but my friends - THIS IS NOT CUTE!!!!! MIMI sent Landon a new Raider jersey and since receiving it last week, all he wants to do is wear it!

"Momma, I werrr waider jersey?" He asks me every morning and I have to sadly tell him, "Sorry Charlie, Not today!" I reluctantly allow him to wear it around the house, but that's it! I fear for his safety should I allow him to wear it in public, after all, we do live in Raider Hater Country. Awe ~ Poor Landon, the agony he will suffer as a Raider fan.

What parent would willfully expose their child to the Raider Nation? A Raider Fan!! Have you seen those barbaric fans? The ones who dress up as if it was Halloween every Sunday? Crazy I tell you, crazy. We won't even go into attending a game in Oakland, it's bad.........HUBS and I both agree that Landon will have to wait a small eternity before, EVER attending a game in Oak-town. It's a scary sight!

My favorite NFL team is the San Diego Super Chargers! For a short time I thought I might have won Landon over and convinced him the Chargers were his favorite team, but I lost that battle somewhere along our journey, now I will forever pay the price. DARN it!!!!

Although, I take much pride in my team beating up DA-RAIDAS. The past six plus years my Super Chargers have spanked-up the Raiders and boy do I enjoy the gloating, the celebrating! And how sweet it is to RUB my success in HUBS face.

It truly is inspiring - Go Chargers!

P.S. Somehow/Someway the Raiders managed to defeat the Broncos, WOW...OMG!! I still can't believe it - 31-10 - Holy Smokes. HUBS and Landon were so excited, I couldn't help but be excited for them and in honor of their win I allowed (still trying to figure this one out) HUBS to purchase RAIDER Christmas cards - WHAT THE???? I will be including a family portrait of me in my CHARGER gear - OMG..............still trying to figure out - How I allowed this - Was I drinking? Was my judgement clouded by all the shopping I did with Moms and Granny? Have I lost my mind? HOLY HECK!


Mommy Heather said...

I love this post! I was on the phone with Tavo and read it to him, he says GO RAIDERS! Jaycee has her first Raiders jacket also. Tavo wants to bring her home in it, not so sure about that.

Michelle said...

Nooooooo - Raiders suck!

Maria said...

OMG Michelle, how could you? SO KIDDING

I must tell you though, while in Stiller land I purchased my first stiller gear, I totally cheated on my Chargers! Horrible, I know.....