Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did you Hear?

Growing up my family was pretty open when it came to knowing everyone’s business; a kept secret was an unheard of, inconceivable gesture. That’s the way we grew up, that was the norm.

It was very normal for Grandpa, my Aunts or Mom to spill the beans about something during a family dinner, perfectly normal. As you can imagine this caused a little chaos, but it was good chaos, one of a close knit family.

Today, our tradition of un-kept secrets is thriving and very alive in all our households. Each of us 100% guilty, some more than others of not keeping secrets.

It usually goes a little something like this, it’s hilarious!

I will tell my Mom something with a disclaimer, “Don’t tell anyone, especially the girls!”

I confess my secret to my Mom, “I promise not to say a word!”

MOMS in casual conversation with Mel, will spill the beans. (Note: These two are guilty as charged 99.9% of the time)

MELS then squeals with delight about the secret and immediately spills the beans to AUNTIE KK and anyone else who will listen.

(MELS is very sneaky about uncovering secrets, she will trick you in order to find out about what another family member told you – Secret agent)

Auntie KK, being a very loyal daughter to GIGI, more often than not spills the beans to her.

GIGI will sometimes spill the beans too!

Moms or Mel will usually tell (or I will) Heather and more often than not Heather will ask me whether it’s true or not.

True so true!!

And we go round and round, with each of us being the “Spiller of the Beans!”

Do not for one second think the Men in our family are exempt from these shenanigans, no way!! They too are willing participants in our little NO SECRETS game and more often than not, they start the madness.

I have learned in my years to keep FRIEND secrets very sacred and very separate from the family of un-secret keepers, so I am qualified in secret keeping, just not with the family, hehehehhe!

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Maria said...

What's the secret, MICHELLE...something is up? I wanna know!