Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quirky Office Dynamics

Do you ever sit back and conspicuously watch your co-workers and the office dynamics? I do, it’s one of my favorite work past times.

For the last ten years, I’ve worked in various organizations across my company and no matter where or whom I work with it always appears that each organization has the same office dynamics. One would think that Human Resource Professionals would be the polar opposite of Engineering Professionals and in most instances there are, but for the most part they are similar.

There is always the Habitual Complainers, the Uptights/Over Achievers, the Outcasts, the Beautiful People, the Jokers and those that reside in between - Normal Peeps. If I could compare it to anything; something we all can relate to, it would be high school. Minus the bad acne, and the geeky awkwardness.

Where do I fall? Well………..of course the beautiful people, duh!!! HAH! Just kidding, only in my dreams!

The beautiful people tend to be young ambitious, well manicured Ivy Leaguers. They overly socialize and are well developed in the community as they mature within the Corporation. I am intimidated by these folks, I shy away, plus I could never afford the beautiful clothes they wear. I do know a couple and I am always in awe of their overall intelligence.

In no way am I the Habitual Complainer, seeing as I tend to have to make those people happy and if I were to complain, who would honestly listen and make me happy? These people often fall into the “Pretty People” group or the “Uptights” There are times the Habitual Complainer is just a complainer and nothing else and those people just need a hug or perhaps a stronger dose of Prozac.

Uptight/Overachievers? Nope. I can never take work that serious and seeing that I have taken the career path I have, I have no desire to overachieve and someday be the President of my company. Nope, not for me. Not gonna happen - I am into too many indulgences that have nothing to do with work, nope - not a chance.

Outcasts? Noooooo. These folks stick to themselves. Talk with them is minimal if any and more often than not they are in a total state of delusion, or appear to be! They are mysterious and no one really knows who they really are. I definitely do not fall into this category, although I do see the advantages of it.

Jokers, Definite possibly! I am always doing something to make someone or myself laugh. I never take anything too seriously and well, I tend to surround myself with folks who are funny, light hearted and interesting to be around – I am a Joker!

Normal Peeps, Definitely! They come to work, do their job to the best of their ability, excel in most areas, but do not make a big deal about it. They socialize, but not to the extent of over indulgence. They dabble in/out of each class and seem to be well rounded individuals. On a good day, I would totally consider myself a NORMAL PEEP.

So there you have it; my office dynamics that entertain me on a daily basis. The people I work with never cease to amaze me, intrigue me and entertain me.


Maria said...

laughing! Imgine my laugh sounding like snoopy, including his body langue :)

Well let me see, were do I fall in those Categories...I think all those Personalities pertain to me-Yikes!

Maria said...

Revised comment-

I Humbly withdraw myself from the "Beautiful people" category. I SO do not have the time to keep up with any kind of manicure, nor do I have the $$$$ to buy that kind of cloths- I'll stop here, for fear of bursting my happy bubble that I've had all day :)