Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Moom - Psychotic Episode Two

I have three chapters to go until I finish this book!

Boy, is it tantalizing and filled with wild adventure. Last night, the book got so darn-good that I became a little overwhelmed (psychotic) with the desire to just finish the whole-darn book. I couldn't put it down, thus causing a coma induced, drool all over my pillow slumber.

Edward came back - I knew he would.

The darn-book and all it's emotional luster made me tear up! I sat devastated as I read the part where Edward breaks up, if-you-will, with Bella. Exposed, helpless and alone she surrenders her love in defeat. Gut-wrenching!

HUBS glanced over as I squeezed the tears from my eyes. He gazed upon me with that look...........Ooh, you know the one. The one that questions your very sanity!

I am a SUCKER (not to be confused with blood sucker-hah!) for romance - Who cares! Leave me, let me be.

This book was nothing what I excpected it to be, but all the same it's been great and I can't wait to get to the end.


Karen said...

I couldn't put the 4 books down. I think I didn't sleep for a week straight trying to finish them...

A k said...

Well I cant wait to read this masterpiece... Greetings all. Auntie Kathy