Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Landon's Little Crush on The Girl

While on our vacation, Landon fell in love! He fell in love with Estella (and Maria). The two played and played until each of their hearts was content.

They fought too and Landon teased her daily, but it was a good "I am sooooo in love with you" know the tease girls. The tease that renders you helpless and you find yourself desiring more teasing from the HUNK....yes, that is the one.

Landon caught on very quick that he could "get under" Estellas heart through her Momma and that's exactly what he did. He would flirt with Maria and love-on her just to get the attention of his one true love, Estella!

Estella got Landon Gator Golf for Christmas. Landon loved it, the two played that game one afternoon and the innocent fun that unfolded was too sweet for words. They chased one another, giggled and helped one another hit the ball into the Gator's mouth. It was classic - good-ol-fun

Landon asks about "Stee-lla, Ria" and "Crazy Jake" daily. He wants to know what they are doing, where they are and when he's going to see them next. He told me he wants to move to San Diego to play with Estella and it stung my heart - He's in love, but who couldn't love the Reifers? I find them to be rather contagious and I too am in love with them!!

Love holds no age limitations, even a little guy can succumb to the Love Bug!

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Maria said...

Love this post! BTW, pictures you took of Del Mar, and the children are SO good--"Sucker's are NICE!"