Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"I See Your Mouth Move in Slow Motion"

Happy Tuesday! Urgh ~ snarl, snarl. I really loathe coming back to work after a long weekend, especially when it's an off-friday work week and it's only a three day work week (spoiled - I know). Snarl, Hiss, snarl!

Our weekend was spent under a dark cloud of rain, which is not bad but a definite change from what we are used too and kinda ruff for an active three year old. We played a lot of indoor soccer and basketball. We played games, Memory, which has come to be a favorite game of the family.


We watched a wealth of movies - cartoons, dramas, comedy and romance. You name it, we watched it. I guess it pays to have the movie channels on a rainy weekend. While watching the movie: Never Back Down, I had an epiphany, Cam Gigandet who portrays numerous malevolent villains, all of which strive to cause harm to my favorite characters, has a nice SIX PACK!

If I was talking to Auntie KaKa and Becky about this, I would raise my hands and give a "Holla"


While watching this movie for the third, maybe fourth time I decided that it's one of my favorites and I LOVE it. Especially the scene when Inman and Ada are declaring their love for one another and say, "I marry you, I marry you, I marry you.............." My heart beats violently in my chest as I swoon at my love for romantic movies. It's about this time HUBS walks into the living room and laughs at me - Men!

"I marry you................I marry you...............I marry you!"

Have a great week!


Post Inspired by a romantic melody - "Echo" by Incubus.

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Maria said...

Nice weekend... Love watching good movies on a rainy day. Miss ya!