Friday, May 22, 2009

"Velvet Ropes and Guitars"

"Yeah, cause you're my rock star in between the sets ~
Eyeliner and Cigarettes!"
It's random picture Friday ~ Something new round here!
Emma Marie makes my heart skip a beat. There's nothing sweeter than your sister's sassy, crazy child - I just love her!

Crisp b/w pictures also make my heart swoon!
I love this picture of Auntie Carol and Ray - Adorable!

Confession: I am a new Lady GaGa fan, which is crazy because I usually shy away from music like hers, but I heart her! Listening to her right now!

Who is this adorable boy? Sigh.............."I'll follow you until you love me"
This child tests my patience daily, but he's definitely the apple of my eye.
For his b-day, he got a new JB Mauney hat and a bull riding vest.
If you didn't know - He's a Cowboy!

Post inspired by all things Lady GaGa - "Paparazzi"

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